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Adopting or Rescuing A Dog: Tips On How To Avoid Problems And Future Re-Abandonment (Part II)

Adopting or Rescuing A Dog: Tips On How To Avoid Problems And Future Re-Abandonment (Part II)

In Part I, I left you with this thought – a good reason to adopt/rescue a dog: “I love dogs and I am totally committed (and able) in every way to give my adopted/rescued dog the best life possible.” So, let’s start with “I love dogs.”

Sometimes we dog lovers find it unthinkable that someone could not love a dog. But if we are realistic, not everyone shares in the enthusiasm we have for the canine world. The desire to care for a dog and have him hanging around is really quite intangible. Not sure why I do, but I do. They are really interesting and sometimes hilarious. Some people feel the same way, some people don’t, and others are simply indifferent. No matter what category you might fall into, it’s all just fine.

To start, then, the prospective owner of an adoptee or rescue-e should be passionate about dogs. Even without ever having owned a dog, they must be passionate about them. You know, the people who are attracted like a magnet to the puppy in a park or the playful dog on a walk. More than that however, is the perception that “I love dogs.” Do you? Just as with a husband loving a wife, or wife loving a husband, it has nothing to do with feelings. Love is not a tingly feeling when you are around someone, and it’s not a live and let live philosophy. “Love” is action taken to seek another’s highest good, to help them achieve what is best for their lives.

That’s the starting point for someone wanting to adopt or rescue a dog. Passionate attitude and a love for dogs (a love that seeks the highest good for the dog). Next time: Are You Committed?

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