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Adopting or Rescuing A Dog: Tips On How To Avoid Problems And Future Re-Abandonment (Part III)

Adopting or Rescuing A Dog: Tips On How To Avoid Problems And Future Re-Abandonment (Part III)

A ham and eggs breakfast tells you all you need to know to determine if you are ready for a rescue/adoption. Are you hungry? OK! Let’s dig in to Part III...

So, you have decided that you will be rescuing/adopting for the right reason (covered in Part I) and you have the mindset of a great dog owner (Part II). Now what? Let’s take a look at what it means to be “committed” to your future best friend. Oh, yeah. I mentioned ham and eggs. We’ll get to that in a minute. Being committed to your dog is related to loving your dog, or “seeking his highest good.” Commitment is putting that desire into action. Here are a few examples to ponder to test your level of commitment.

(1) Supervising your dog’s activities, even when it is uncomfortable for you. Will you go out with your dog in the pouring rain, or will you open the door, let him out and be totally unaware of what he is doing.

(2) Doing stuff with your dog (they love to do stuff – check out our Pinterest board Will you take him places (a ride to the bank, running errands, casual dinner at an outdoor seating restaurant), or will you always leave him at home.

(3) Making your dog part of your everyday life. Will you kennel your dog or put him outside (see #1) while you eat a family dinner?

These are just a few examples of what it means to be “committed” to not just having a dog, but nurturing the relationship between you and him.

Ham and eggs, almost forgot. There are two “parties” involved in the ham and eggs breakfast, the chicken and the pig. The chicken is involved by providing eggs for the breakfast, which is quite generous. The pig, however, is literally giving everything to make the breakfast a success. Now that is commitment! What is your level of commitment for rescuing or adopting a dog? Next time: Giving your dog the best life possible – some suggestions.

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