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Why Do I Need To Train My Dog? And How?

Those are great questions! Let me give you just a few reasons, then some suggestions.

First, dogs love structure and they love to do stuff. When you train your dog, it is an amazing relationship building exercise. It's physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Second, you want to be able to control your dog. Whether it's walking nicely on a leash or not bolting out of the front door when opened, controlling your dog is very important.

Third, training will make you happier and it will make your dog happier. A dog with structure is a happy dog, and a happy dog results in a happy owner.

How do you train your dog? Decide what you want your dog to do (or not do) and seek out the resources. Buy a book... there are lots of them. Watch some YouTube videos... there are lots of them. Talk to friends or relatives who have trained their dog. Or hire a trainer... although I would love for you to consider Blue Bridge Dog Training, get your dog trained, even if it is not with us.

Any other thoughts on dog training? If you want, you can post them on the Blue Bridge Dog Training Facebook page: Click To Post!

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