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5 Ways To Practice Down-Stay In Everyday Situations

5 Ways To Practice Down-Stay In Everyday Situations

The "Starbucks Down-Stay"

Obedience training for your dog does not have to be stiff and regimented. Maybe somewhat so in the beginning stages of learning, but once your dog has learned a command, start working on duration, distance, and distractions. Take the down-stay command for example. What are some of the things you can do to make it practical in your everyday life situations? Here are five easy ways to include your dog in your life activities, while giving him training (and he won't even know it! Probably :-)

1) While you are eating a meal: It can be quite annoying when your dog is staring at you or constantly walking under the table. Put him in a down-stay in the room where you are eating... not too close, but not down the hallway either. Remember, your dog likes to be part of the family.

2) While you are "getting ready": Shaving, blow drying your hair, or whatever. You will probably find that your dog is intrigued by these strange human activities. Or maybe he'll just fall asleep.

3) While you are outside (where people, dogs pass by): A good example is shown in the photo, in front of Starbucks. You get coffee. Your dog gets some interesting sights, sounds, and smells...but no coffee.

4) While you are doing a chore: Hey, a chore for you can mean training for him. Outside or inside, it doesn't matter. Could be dusting or vacuuming inside, or trimming bushes outside. But don't get too engrossed in the chore without keeping tabs on your don't want him to seemingly pull a Harry Houdini on you.

5) While you are in the check-out line at a store: Not all stores will allow you to bring your dog, but for those that do, it can be great training environment. Early on, I did this with one of my dogs at a pet store chain. People were kind of amazed that she was simply lying there while I fumbled through my wallet.

Those are just five can probably think of a dozen more ways to practice the down-stay.

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