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The Power of Vision

The Power of Vision

Look Here…The Power of Vision

Although they are important, I am not talking about your vision or your dog’s vision. I am writing about my vision, so to speak. Not the fact that I wear glasses, or that I need bifocals, but rather why is it that we exist? What is it that Blue Bridge Dog Training sees happening for our dog-loving community. What is the vision that drives all that we do? This is what I see as the vision for Blue Bridge Dog Training in 2017:

“In the Chattanooga and surrounding areas, we want to see families enjoying their dogs, and dogs thriving with their families, together.”

It’s pretty simple, and the statement can be boiled down into four main visionary components:

(1) We are local and serve the communities around us. We do not intend on having a statewide, national, or international reach with what we do. We love the area in which we are located, and will place all of our efforts here.

(2) People should enjoy having dogs as part of their families. Why do people get a dog? It’s so they can have a special relationship with a creature that desires the same. Though not always perfect, that is the target.

(3) Have you ever seen a dog that just love’s life? Here’s a very short video of one named Shiloh. She is obviously one happy dog, thriving dog:

This kind of stuff makes me laugh and smile. We all need to laugh and smile more.

(4) Great things happen when #’s 2 and 3 happen at the same time. Spending time with your dog can be fulfilling for both of you. Walking, hiking, running, playing, and hanging out can seem simple. But there are benefits: Click here to see 10 benefits.

This vision is at the heart of what we do when we train. Every dog we train is a unique, living, breathing project, with differing personalities and needs. More than that, your dog is a member of your family. Nobody knows or loves your dog like you do. Can our vision be achieved? We would like to think so, and setting our sights any lower would be a disservice to us all. So, yes, vision is important and the starting point for what we do. I hope you agree!

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