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Doggie wasteland… Do you need a sign like this in your yard?

Doggie wasteland… Do you need a sign like this in your yard?

“Doggie wasteland, it’s only doggie wasteland…” OK, so I took a little creative license from a 1970’s song (Baba O’Riley) by a rock band named The Who. Now that you may have the melody stuck in your head with my new lyrics, let’s talk about what may be a real problem for you.

Whether you have one dog or several, dog waste in your yard is no fun for you, your kids, and visitors. “Watch out for the land mines” might be a phrase you have used to warn newcomers about the potential for a rather squishy and pungent substance affixing itself to the bottom of sandals, shoes, or bare feet. After a dropping, you may be in a rush to get to some other activity, thinking that you will seek out and remove it later. Later comes, and it’s like magic, or perhaps a Klingon cloaking device has been deployed. You just can’t find it. You spend 15 minutes trying to locate that illusive surprise, but to no avail. You give up, but the next day you are in the house, relaxing, watching The Dog Whisperer, and a gentle waft of acrid aroma catches your attention. “What’s that smell?” you ponder.

Having a dog training facility with over one and one half acres, and three personal dogs, cleanup is an important activity. Being able to locate the “scene of the crime” is crucial, since both we and our clients work the dogs in the training fields. Dirty paws, dirty boots, dirty shoes… all no good. We decided that the best way to solve the problem (mark the drop zones for later collection) was to use those little flags the gas company or lawn service uses. But where could we buy some? Well, Amazon, of course. You can get just about any color from a variety of sellers. We decided to go with fluorescent orange, as that color stands out well in the green grass. Here are a couple of photos showing what we use:



Your situation may not be exactly the same as ours, so this solution may be more trouble than it’s worth. But it definitely works for us, so I thought I’d pass it along just in case you have been searching for a way to manage your “mine field.”

A word of caution… the metal stems do rust over time, so you have to be sure that they don’t poke anything other than the ground :-)

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