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My dog Holly is a very lovable, playful, and intelligent dog, but was also very stubborn and not obedient, making her a frustration to manage at times, in the home and out in public. It was maddening for her to not respond when asked to stay or wait, and not 'come' when called--and it wasn't safe for her! Looking like she was part 'pit bull', I thought, made it all the more important than with other dogs that she be under complete control. Blue Bridge's training made an amazing difference in Holly. She is still the same curious, lovable dog, but even she seems happier and more relaxed to know her limits. Jeff did a lot of work before the training began with me to understand exactly what I needed and expected from training. I opted for the Superior dog training track, but it really felt like a custom track. Jeff gave me updates on her progress during the training. Jeff also bonds with the trainee dog by spending lots of casual time in normal home-type and backyard-type situations, as well as socializes them with his own dogs (only if appropriate). After approximately two weeks of training, it was easy for me to learn the commands from Jeff--which of course is key--all training is ongoing. Holly is equally responsive to me when I gave the commands and corrections appropriately. Once home, if she tested me a little, but I was ready with appropriate responses. If I had any question, no matter how small, Jeff was very responsive and helpful. And still is if I have any questions. When we had our 'follow up' lesson, Holly was overjoyed to see him again and I would say is an A+ student. We take her to restaurants and on PLEASANT loose leash walks. We walk her, not the other way around.