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Emmy Lou’s Transformation: The story of one dog, one family, and their journey to a peaceful home

Emmy Lou’s Transformation: The story of one dog, one family, and their journey to a peaceful home

"Emmy Lou, Star Trainee"

In some of our dog training "projects," like this one, we have to be a little creative in our approach. In addition to obedience training, we used lots of baby fragrances, YouTube audio sounds, and an iHome speaker to help Emmy Lou become more calm and enjoyable at home and around babies. How? Well, I could tell you all about it, but I couldn’t describe it any better than our client. Here’s what she wrote:

“I would strongly recommend Blue Bridge Dog Training. My husband and I have an 8 year old miniature schnauzer, Emmy Lou, who had never received any formal training. Generally, she was a sweet dog but definitely had some obedience problems. For example, should would always jump up on people, dig at their feet, and get overly excited when guests came over. One time my friend and her baby came over and Emmy Lou barked so loudly repeatedly that I couldn't even hear my friend talk. Emmy Lou also jumped up when my friend picked up her baby. I was so mortified by my dog's behavior, I knew I had to get professional help. I found Jeff's information online and we met. Instantly I knew he would be a good match to help us with our dog.

We met for 6 private lessons. He helped us train her to obey commands such as sit, down, stay, place, etc. In between sessions, my husband and I worked diligently to train her at home. We practiced every single day. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make a difference. Jeff also helped by getting Emmy to stop pulling on her leash during walks and instead walk beside us. Learning these basic commands helps us immensely in our every day lives. It means we can have company over and our dog will lie down on her bed instead of jumping up at guests, barking at babies, or begging for food. It means we can go for walks in public and she won't pull on the leash. It made owning a dog so much more pleasant and enjoyable overall.

We had our own baby this past winter, and having the confidence that the dog would obey and not be too excited around the baby was a big relief. If we didn't do the training, I am certain we would've been so frustrated and upset by the dog's actions. But now we are happily coexisting and things are much more peaceful and playful. Having this training ensures a much healthier, happier existence for everyone in our family!”

We can say, “Mission accomplished!” Why? Because this is the mission of Blue Bridge Dog Training:

“To help dog owners and their canine companions achieve that relational sweet-spot by providing effective training, clear communication, and relentless pursuit of the desired vision, with honesty, integrity, creativity, and results that deliver happiness.”

Breaking Through Barriers, Transforming Lives...


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